Monday, July 07, 2008

finally all is well.

we were expecting call since 10:30pm on friday night but it wasnt until 1:15am did we get the call from her boyfriend who was just gotten the call from the surgeon, that everything went fine.

eventhough the operation took longer than expected (since 3pm, that's 10 hours as compare to what we were told as 7-8 hrs) but we felt the relief. Parents have been acted like normal the whole night but i knew they were very worried especially after midnight.

sister called on saturday night and she sounded like the same person :) only with a softer tone. which is good news as we didnt expect her to speak a single word for at least a week.

parents were relieved and they were considering not going to UK, as they didnt want another 2 old people that needed to take care. that would add burden to the boyfriend and his family.

ah well, i am glad it came out all well.

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