Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the aftermath

sister called me last night in the hospital. she was crying and missing the family... it really broke my heart to hear her cried.

she sounded depressed. i dont know if it was becaused of the hormone effect or she was depressed having to stay in the hospital for 6 nights all by herself. i am guessing both...

she had fever 2 days ago, so the doctor had keep her under observation and would not discharge her any sooner. she was not allowed to have a proper balanced diet under the doctor's order. she said she felt like throwing up everytime she sees the food provided by the hospital.

i could do nothing to comfort her. i basically kept changing topics to distract her from thinking too much.

i am re-considering sending my parents to uk for at least a few weeks after she discharges from the hospital. i hope that helps her recovery speedier.

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Frag & Feebz said...

Pray hard that she will be recover soon! She need family support most at the moment!