Monday, June 23, 2008

papillary thyroid cancer

sister called me last friday and confirmed swellon area on her neck was caused by cancerus cells on her thyroid.

she was pretty calm when she told me the news over the phone. however tears were about to burst from my eyes.

she have decided to go with what her doctor recommended, and remove the entire thyroid.

i am worried... but she told me have a papillary thyroid cancer is the best cancer one could have. just that she will be on medicine for artificial thyroid hormone for the rest of her life. she will also not be able to work for few months before her hormone treatment, and wont be able to eat and talk for weeks.

i couldnt think of anything else to say but joked about she may get rid of her hoarse voice and get a sweeter voice after the operation.

the operation will be this wednesday 8am UK time. i hope everything will be well.

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