Friday, June 27, 2008

before the operation...

thank goodness the ct scan result is good. the cancer did not spread to any other area.

operation has been confirmed on next friday july 4th morning. the whole process will take about 7 hours. the surgeon will remove the whole thyroid, right side lymph node and 2 right parathyroid. afterward, she will have to stay in the hospital for 4-6 days depending on how she heals.

risks involved:
1. hoarse voice if one of the vocal cord is spoiled; or permanently lose her voice if two cords is spoiled, she will also need to use a tube to breath FOREVER.
2. difficulties on face expression. (if some nerves were damaged)
3. difficulties in raising hands. (i suppose so because the arm muscles is close to the neck)
4. movement of tongue.

she also told me that she will not have any feeling/sensation on her right neck FOREVER. plus a very big scar.

i can sense that she is worried. not much on the operation itself but the future. the future on how she will not be able to control herself, throwing bad temper, or even hate herself for needing people to take care of her...

i can feel her starting to get depressed. i wish there's something i can do. :(

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