Saturday, December 16, 2006

one screwed up family tree diagram...

couldnt sleep last nite... climbed up from my bed and browse around wikipedia for some fun readings.

discovery channel on astro was talking about egypt (one of my most wanted to go destination), and mentioned something about cleopatra on how gorgeous she was when she seduced julius caesar.

there i went to wikipedia and searched for cleopatra. and found this family tree of hers...

the great last queen of egypt cleopatra vii (highlighted in green) has a messed up family if she lives in today's world. i can accept her part as she wanted to rule egypt so she married to her brothers (yes, brothers, 2 of them.), but she probably never slept with them.

but... please look at the red area...

what did berenice iii call cleopatra selene:
1. mom??
2. my husband's wife? (ptolemy x)
3. my husband's mom? (ptolemy xi, who's her brother also)

and the poor kid of hers, cleopatra v must have grown up screwy as well. imagine a family gathering in today's world. she would have to call these people:
cleopatra selene: grandma, dad's other woman, my step father's mom.
ptolemy x: dad, grand uncle
ptolemy xi: step dad, uncle

but i guess this would never happened.