Saturday, March 25, 2006

body checkup...

went to do body checkup in the morning, with empty stomach...

getting urine was easy, my bladder kinda cooperate this time. within 5 min, the provided contained was filled with fresh warm liquid. (no, i didn't take a pic of that, okay? )

then next stop was poking. the doctor poked my right arm a few times trying to get blood from me. ended up he poked through (yes, through!) my vein.

he then tried to retreat the needle a bit and pretended nothing happened. after sucked a dipping dish volume of blood, no more blood.

then he asked me if i exercise... my arm is bigger than yours!!

switched to my left arm, 1 poke and no miss... so whose fault is it?

my left arm on the day...

my left arm later... internal bleeding. kinda normal.

my right arm later... shit! lots of bleeding internally!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

to my condo management!!!

how dare my condo management implemented parking fees for visitor parking!!

the whole compound has 2000+ units. so by rights we're entitled to at least 300 visitor parking spaces. but right now less than 50 were allocated, so the spaces are always full.

so the BRILLIANT management thought of this BRILLIANT idea of implementing parking fees for visitor lots.

damn the management, and still the additional 250 lots are no where in sight.

fuck the management...

anyone knows any press/newspaper i can go to??

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

dbkl raid in setapak

while moaning our lost of contract in setapak drinking tea, suddenly the whole street was noisy and we saw people running around.

the hawkers were busy pushing their stalls around, the coffee shop workers were running around closing unoccupied tables, the motorists were zooming around shouting, "DBKL!!! DBKL!!!"

ah! no wonder... dbkl was coming to raid the streets. it was some scenes that i've never imagined. within few minutes, the street was cleared.

of course, the occupied tables were fine. as we saw a series of trucks and vans marked with dbkl logo coming by, a series of dbkl people with uniform with "flowers" on the shoulder also came.

some unlucky/slow hawkers' stalls were taken...

as i was watching, i wonder if dbkl deserves parking tickets or not because when they came, they simply parked!

as you can see, the 2 dbkl vehicles parked parallel on a diagonal parking space, taken up more than 6 parkings.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

we lost a big job!!!

all because of benQ's fault.

Friday, March 10, 2006

mid valley

participated in some lousy IT fair with a company in midvalley for 5 days. it was damn boring. imagine an IT fair without internet access...

on the end of the 2nd day, i managed to steal some wireless signal from someone. i think that belongs to one of the store.

after 7pm, we cabut and went to this c-jade restaurant. hazel, feebee and rourou also dropped by for dinner. we ordered noodles and rice plus these 2...

delicious char siew and siew yok.

mouth watering roast duck.

but it aint cheap. average about 20 bucks per person.

probably wont go there again... ever.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i am sick of having chicken now...

dont get me wrong, i like chicken. i had been having chicken most of the time in the 8 yrs time in US.

so today after the exhibition, i walked around in mid valley and went to buy egg tarts in jusco. all of a sudden i had this crave for chicken... kfc will cure that just fine.

but instead of kfc, i voted for a cheaper deal...

isn't that cheaper than kfc's 2-piece meal?

tada... here's the chicken i bought from jusco. i asked the guy not to chop it. so i can eat it manly.

and i would like to get the wish bone out without any damage too.

and the aftermath... i felt lucky that the chicken wasnt very big.

had the 4 limbs and couldnt the rest. and the wishbone... forget it. i can't eat anymore!

very very very full... and i think i wont touch any chicken this week ever again!!