Monday, February 27, 2006


no title

why me?

i was brought up to everybody...

everybody knows me, and yet nobody cares about me.

i am one of the most useless thing in the world... why me? why give me the hope?

nunu's birthday





Sunday, February 26, 2006


the kiwi dream...

i have been trying my luck on getting a job in new zealand lately. been dropping my cv like spraying peppers on salad.

surprisingly the companies in the kiwi country needed a lot of IT grads, but very few (havent seen one so far) are willing to help an immigrant to settle the visa.

despite of my qualification, most of them are interested **IF** i already reside in NZ. duh...

nevermind, i'll keep trying... wish me luck.

surprised...(more like shocked)

to a friend,

seems like almost everybody knew what happened to you new life except me.

havent updated very much myself lately on xettie, and only yesterday then i knew you had your new life.

i was surprised on how fast you've moved on, and started to guess when did it all started.

like what nunu has said, eventhough i do not encourage on what you've done. but what's done is done and i seriously hope you made the right decision.

as for the guy you've left behind, i guess he will be fine. but keep in mind that having him near you is not good for your new long-distance relationship. but i have confident in you to make the next course of action.

whatever it is, you have my blessing.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

karaoke marathon

came back from karaoke with peter and colleagues.

we sang from 6:30pm till 1:30am. were too tired to carry on and we couldnt sing anymore.

surprisingly, my colleague ben sounded really like leslie cheung.

it was fun to sing k with only 4 guys. we had fun messing up the songs...

好人 by 侧田

若谈样子不会叫好 不算最讨好
但我的内在美不够味道 那足以自豪

谈为人当然好 双手也好抱
没有想陪同邻家男孩跳舞 唯独当我师徒

人人亲近我 无人争夺我

人人鼓励我 无人倾慕我
像毒咒无人爱我 别吓我

并无自欺所有老死 只配作知己
愿意跟我细数恋爱挫折 抱住我会死

谈完情拖好手 都将我抛弃
是那么平凡仍可以来斗气 谈情令我心死

/** **/


天都不爱我 立心孤立我
平凡的人若提及情份 便显得不配么

/** **/

天都不理我 令我想清楚
感情是来自由弱者 所写的悲歌

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

still in holiday mood...

lazy to update. so much has happened and so much has finished.