Saturday, December 16, 2006

one screwed up family tree diagram...

couldnt sleep last nite... climbed up from my bed and browse around wikipedia for some fun readings.

discovery channel on astro was talking about egypt (one of my most wanted to go destination), and mentioned something about cleopatra on how gorgeous she was when she seduced julius caesar.

there i went to wikipedia and searched for cleopatra. and found this family tree of hers...

the great last queen of egypt cleopatra vii (highlighted in green) has a messed up family if she lives in today's world. i can accept her part as she wanted to rule egypt so she married to her brothers (yes, brothers, 2 of them.), but she probably never slept with them.

but... please look at the red area...

what did berenice iii call cleopatra selene:
1. mom??
2. my husband's wife? (ptolemy x)
3. my husband's mom? (ptolemy xi, who's her brother also)

and the poor kid of hers, cleopatra v must have grown up screwy as well. imagine a family gathering in today's world. she would have to call these people:
cleopatra selene: grandma, dad's other woman, my step father's mom.
ptolemy x: dad, grand uncle
ptolemy xi: step dad, uncle

but i guess this would never happened.

Monday, November 27, 2006


i am hurted... badly!

i think i need another tattoo...

i need to feel the pain... more pain... the "painfuler" the better.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

pain level...

what's more painful than someone using the thing which you've facilitated to hurt you?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

bye bye wisdom!

to mr wisdom,

you've been with my for 10 years. you've witness every little details of food i've eaten.

however i must admit, you have not been good to me. in fact you've been torturing me every once in a while.

i know it's not your fault. just because you are the last born child, and couldnt get your own seat in the family. so you decided to be a bit pushy and pushed your big borthers.

you have been making troubles to your bothers just to get an attention from me. of all these years i have been trying to settle with you peacefullly.

but these few days you had pushed your luck too far. i was not able to sleep for few days just because of you. and last night was the worst night with you. i hardly even slept at all.

so i've decided to get rid of your. our relationship is OVER! yes you hear that right, it's ALL OVER!! i never want to see you again!!

thank you for the torturing all these years and good bye.

yours sincerely,

yes, i've done it. i finally removed the damn wisdom tooth this morning.

the damn tooth was torturing me whole night. my face was swollen due to the infection. i could hardly open my mouth wide enough to eat.

and the swollen has hit onto my vein which in turns pressed against onto the nerves. imagine every of my heart beats, there's a pressing onto the nerves. it's like... "pip-pop... ouch! pip-pop... ouch!"

at 8am, i got changed and ready to go out from home. it was amazingly early, considering i go to work at 10am everyday.

but i forgot it's sunday. luckily the dentist still was working today. i had to wait at the mamak till 9:30am.

finally, the dentist arrived at 9:45am. i was his first patient. after checking up on my tooth, i've decided to ask him to remove it immediately.

then he explained everything to me, mostly on the complications of after math. first he will need to cut open my gum to expose the whole tooth, then crack the tooth into few pieces and removed them piece by piece.

and he will stitch back my gum, but it will swell and be painful for the next 3 to 4 days, and liquid food will be my only diet.

all i heard was "blah blah blah... ouch... blah blah blah... ouch..." i dont care anymore. get this damn tooth outta my body!!

after a few shots of anethesia, some drillings and hammerings. the damn tooth came off. the dentist had 3 stitches on my gum.

the whole process took about an hour. and my mouth was opened for a full hour. when everything was done... i took a last look at the tooth and left the operation room.

the damn tooth cost me RM420.

and i still need to go back next week to remove the stitches!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

summary blog in the missing period

it has been a very long while since i updated my blog.

was pretty busy since i changed company from end of last year. after 3-month honeymoon period, real works started to poured in.

unlike the previous job, i spent most of the time running around town rather than sitting in office all day.

when i had the time, i didnt feel like blogging anymore. partly because of nothing interesting to blog about.

had 2 leisure trips overseas this year. siem reap and bangkok.

siem reap was the most memorable trip. actually i didnt think of going to cambodia. but one day i just watch discovery channel and i instantly fell in love with siem reap. all those old temples and architectures, they are amazing! few days later, after a quick discussion with girlfriend, i booked a trip online via airasia. and voila... there we went to siem reap.

bangkok trip was planned long time ago. it was from airasia's last year free tickets promo. nothing interesting for that trip except eat eat and eat. (shop shop and shop for girlfriend )

basically that pretty much wrapped up everything i've done since the missing time.

hope to blog more later on...

bangkok 2006

i ate this!!!!

more pictures...

siem reap 2006

more pictures...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

body checkup...

went to do body checkup in the morning, with empty stomach...

getting urine was easy, my bladder kinda cooperate this time. within 5 min, the provided contained was filled with fresh warm liquid. (no, i didn't take a pic of that, okay? )

then next stop was poking. the doctor poked my right arm a few times trying to get blood from me. ended up he poked through (yes, through!) my vein.

he then tried to retreat the needle a bit and pretended nothing happened. after sucked a dipping dish volume of blood, no more blood.

then he asked me if i exercise... my arm is bigger than yours!!

switched to my left arm, 1 poke and no miss... so whose fault is it?

my left arm on the day...

my left arm later... internal bleeding. kinda normal.

my right arm later... shit! lots of bleeding internally!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

to my condo management!!!

how dare my condo management implemented parking fees for visitor parking!!

the whole compound has 2000+ units. so by rights we're entitled to at least 300 visitor parking spaces. but right now less than 50 were allocated, so the spaces are always full.

so the BRILLIANT management thought of this BRILLIANT idea of implementing parking fees for visitor lots.

damn the management, and still the additional 250 lots are no where in sight.

fuck the management...

anyone knows any press/newspaper i can go to??