Tuesday, August 30, 2005

hotdog again! YES!

went to ikea last nite... and then i noticed the ikea cafe is now selling hotdog again!

damn the newspaper who made ikea stopped selling hotdogs for few months, for saying their hotdogs were not halal.

if i am managing ikea malaysia (ya... if that ever happens ) , i would just put on a sign that says "may not be halal".

and ikea stopped selling hotdogs for few months just because of that. eventhough it was later verified in the lab that the hotdog was indeed made without any pork.

and ikea replaced the hotdog with... roti bakar.

anyway i am glad to see the return of hotdog. long live hotdoggie!


gf and i went to see the contractor last sunday. we paid rm150 deposit and handed them the key.

1 week later when i went to see the contractor again to pay him the down payment, i found out that they had already started work.

renovation in our new home has started...

ready to pour in cement and make the concrete kitchen counter top.

the yard has changed from no tile to with full height tiles.

living room is a mess right now.

aircon point right there at the top, with aircon ducts running across the room.

gonna put a plaster L-box to cover those ducts, with reflective lights from inside.

aircon point from master room... gonna use plaster cornice to cover the duct.

the contractor has given me the draft on the kitchen cabinets. i've choosen the block top and bought the glass gas hob. except i don't know what color to use yet on the cabinet doors.

if you're wondering which contractor gave me the plan with colors... no! the contractor didn't fill the color for me. i did it myself. it was like this...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

sun bliss

on first time i saw this picture, i fell in love with in.

how can anyone not love this picture? the sun is bright, the grass is green and the colors are right.

it sort of gives you a hope... a hope to all the troubles you've encountered.

but... it also kinda looks like sunset... when you enjoy your last moment of peace before darkness comes upon you.

and it's my new wallpaper for the cellphone.

mini cornetto

so this is the legendary mini cornetto ice cream.

in fact it's smaller than the actually packing itself, because of the buffer spacing from the top cover to the ice cream.

it tasted the same, except one special feel... and that feel is... NO ENOUGH!!

perhaps this is a good one for those who're on diet, wanna eat ice cream and yet no so guilty.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

hazey haze continue...

at 1:32 PM when i went out for lunch...

at 2:01 PM when i came back from lunch...

no much difference isn't it? i think it has worsen too because at 2pm, the sunlight still couldn't penetrate to into the city. which means the haze has thicken.

i could smell it on my clothes after my 1/2 hour lunch outside.

and this is me in the office.

The opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) said Malaysians are 'furious and worried' about the pollution and added it will stage a protest at the Indonesian embassy tomorrow, as well as a public rally on Sunday.

wooohooo! my voice is heard. there's a protest in indonesian embassy. anyone wanna go?

damn the fucking haze...

pardon my language but i am so sick of it now.

it rained for a little while yesterday afternoon, loud thunder but small rain. didn't help much but at least i could see KL tower a little better when i left work.

KL tower from my office, 10/8/2005 6:43 PM.

back home, continue to lock all the windows... i wish i have an airconditioning unit, at least i'll feel better psychologically.

this morning, same old thing. felt like i was in genting.

KL tower from my office, 11/8/2005 9:57 AM.

and it has worsened in the afternoon. KL tower once again is gonna play hide-and-seek with me.

KL tower from my office, 11/8/2005 12:45 PM.

there should be an international law which asks the country to pay for the damages.

overall, i think malaysians' tolerate level is quite high. imagine what would the indonesians do if malaysia caused haze in their cities. they would probably burn our national flag in front of the embassy and asking us to repay for the damage.

hmmm... really something to think about, anyone knows where's indonesian embassy?