Tuesday, July 26, 2005


kopiko, a name i've learned since young age. they make those kopi (coffee) flavor candies and i loved them.

i even remember when i was living in us, we often made long driving trip (12-16 hrs) to toronto. and i would just buy big pack of those candies in china town. so that we could stay awake on our way back to us.

and this week, my boss has gotten the usual 3-in-1, along with this new one. kopiko 3-in-1 instant coffee!

i made a cup this morning and... OMFG!!

that is the worst 3 in 1 instant coffee ever!! it tasted like those kopiko candies. i mean... yes, it tasted like that!

it's like they smashed those kopiko candies, make them into powder form and then repack into this 3-in-1 package.

hmmm, how do i describe the taste... if you have ever eaten those kopiko candies, the coffee tasted like a cup of hot water, with a couple of kopiko candies melt in it. yes... it's THAT BAD!

man... i will never ever buy any 3-in-1 thinigie from kopiko.

this really spoiled my childhood memory with kopiko.

"what if"

got this from nom, who in turn got it from hazel. and i wonder why hazel always have these kinda things...


Your crush suddenly asks you out?
- don't have a crush now woh...

You walk into an elevator, and see a couple making out?
- i'll start taking pictures.

Your parents had another baby?
- i love babies!

You are trapped in a building about to explode?
- i'll call my love one to say good bye...

You were granted one wish?
- my wish is... i want to have 10 more wishes!

Aliens invaded earth?
- we will have a roasted aliens feast! i hope they taste like chicken...

A stranger suddenly kisses you?
- then then then then

You won a date with your celeb crush?
- i'll have her sign whole stack of autographs so i can sell them.

You were given a blue car?
- better make damn sure it's not a toy car!

Your boyfriend breaks up with you?
- omfg! i am gay!!!

You win a million dollars?
- then i am a million dollars richer! and make sure it's not hell money.

Someone gives you flowers?
- i say thank you!

You receive a love letter in your locker?
- crap! how did someone open my locker? it's suppose to be air tight.

You fail your exam?
- take again loh, what to do?

You get first in class?
- must be dreaming.

Your computer crashes?

You got fired?
- i do and go find another job.

Your best friend betrays you?
- i do and move on.

You miss your exs?
- so far i haven't...

You can say something to the person reading this right now, what will you say?
- you must be damn bored if you've read this far down...

Monday, July 25, 2005

fucking lawyer

the fucking lawyer robert lau was messing with the our server again today.

the server is our file server, print server, router/firewall. and the fucker always have those stupid latin music running on it with msn music. while the fucker doesn't even know how to speak his mother tongue language.

so this afternoon i was pretty annoyed by those farking music that he had on the server. i did a remote connection onto the machine and shutted down all the browsers and mediaplayer, while he's checking his webmail...

then few seconds later, all of our office pcs lost connection to the server, as well as internet connection. (since that server is our router)

i went over to check on the machine, he was sitting there and asked me,
"freddie, does the internet got problem?"
"how ah? what do i do now?"
"i couldn't check my webmail..."
and he was still holding the damn mouse.

duh... fucker. all he cared was his bloody emails. didn't he hear the everyone in office yelling about losing files? fucker!

and i answered coldly, "yes, now move your butt away."

it turned out that the fucker disabled both ethernet connections on the server.

i hate all these fucking lawyers!!!

i should really do something on his thumbdrive now.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


no, not that kinda beer. (hayanna, don't get too excited!!)

gf and i went to the watson at 1-utama over the weekend. while she was looking for her stuffs, i walked around and looked for shampoo.

guess what? something caught my eyes when i see this...

yeah yeah yeah, you may have thought, just some regular shampoo with colorful packing... but look closely...

since when did they have BEER shampoo???
and it's a house brand shampoo too (by watson).

must get this for hayanna's birthday!