Thursday, June 30, 2005

gosh! where's my hair?

went to see the client yesterday. and meet the new ceo, who used to be with another company we worked with 2 years ago.

and she said, "oh! you must be stressful for the last 2 years..."
and i answered, "how did you know?"
then she went like this, "cause you're losing hair..."


i guess losing hair is all men's nitemare.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

thank you...

thank you for all of your concerns.

i am fine. we're back together into that 'awareness' stage. but still, better than being heart broken.

once again, thank you for all the supports.

Monday, June 27, 2005

is there such thing as unforgiven?

in those few years back when i was alone in foreign country, i always like to think about those stupid thoughts... such as "what if i die right now, who will weep for me?"

in turns, i also discovered that there's nothing as unforgiven. if you ever think there's something someone has done, which is unforgiven to you... just think. what if... at that moment you receive a call and the person was involved in an accident and passed away?

and i have been doing that for the past few years to relieve myself from hatred...

unfortunately i've forgotten that technique yesterday...

hayanna, thank you for listening.

confident level at 20%

talked to her via msn...

not good... i'll talk to her more tonite. (if she gives me a chance to talk.)

to all who are worried about me, i'll be fine. how worse can it be?

fucked up

i fucked up big time...

i said something i should not have say without even realize it could mean something that would hurt her real bad...

i really regret that i even opened my mouth...

really depressed...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

living in the past...

all of a sudden, i realized i have been living in the past.

i have been holding on to the past.

i need to look forward.

i need to... i really do...


havent been sleeping well for the past 2 nites.

had the biggest quarrel with gf this morning...

to a point which i was getting ready to pack and move out...

but i didnt...

both of us cried...

she had to leave and look after her sister's shop because the sis is going to attend a wedding dinner tonite.

i am home alone...

i cried so hard and i fell asleep...

i had a dream. dreamed that i was in the age of 60+. a very lonely oldman sitting in a room trying to get people to talk to me.

i woke up... all of a sudden everything doesnt matter anymore.

i will be home waiting... waiting... waiting...

Monday, June 20, 2005


mr c (the one who bought the engagement ring) called me on wednesday at 6pm and asked me to do a fav for him...

he asked me to buy 4D number for him since i pass by that magnum shop everyday on my way to get my car after work. he wanted 1818 since the rings costed him that much and it's a "good" number.

but i told him no. knowing that place will be filled with tons of people after 5:30pm on drawing day, i told him i didn't want to stop by that place.

and 1818 didn't come out that nite. i was relieved.

on saturday, i passed by another magnum shop. so i called and teased him if he wanted to buy any... he asked me to go ahead and buy for him...

i tried magnum, and 1818 was sold out. then tried toto and it too was also sold out. at least i walked another 100 metres to pmp and managed to get 5 bucks for big. (small was sold out as well)

sunday morning, mr c called and told me the numbers that came out wasn't even close to 1818.

and then i forgot the whole deal...

just now, while i was having my lunch at the lorong at the back of my office, i picked up the newspaper and spotted the number 1818. it was drawn last nite on toto at 3rd prize.

for 5 big and 5 small... mr c will be collecting rm7500!!!

but... but... none of us remember to bet as we're not professional gamblers.

oh well... if it's yours, it will be yours... if it's not, it will never be yours.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


齐秦, one of rare and my favorite talented artist, who can compose, write and sing at the same time.
this is a very old song... 大约在冬季 (around winter). i think it first came out in 1986 or maybe 87.






bad translation:
gently i am about to leave you,
please wipe the tears away.
on the long boundless night,
in the future days,
my dear please dont cry for me.

the future may be miserable,
but please smile for me with your blessing.
though wind is blowing,
though rain is pouring,
but i will be missing you in the rain.

in the days without you,
i will cherish myself.
in the years without me,
you need to take care of yourself.

you asked me when will i be back,
i asked the same question myself.
not now,
and i don't know when,
i think it might be in winter.
not now,
and i don't know when,
i think it might be in winter...

to those who are leaving the country... you will be back!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

got this from hayanna who got it from hazel...

1. What time is it?
- 4:18:33pm

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate:
- freddie chan khong hung, dunno why my dad decided to put freddie in the birth cert. i had trouble filling in the TOEFL form because they only allowed 21 characters.

3. Nicknames:
uh... garfield?

4. Hair colour:
- dark brown. haven't dyed my hair to other obvious color since 2001 for a full blonde. img src="" /> i wanna make it blue!<

5. Eye colour:
- dark brown as well.

6. Favorite food:
- medium rare beef slice put into steamboat, then dip in cognac!!!

7. Someone made you cry?:
- that darn onion last on monday!

8. Been in a car accident?
- few times. the most seriously was 1993. there was a thin layer of ice on my car's windshield. late for class and i didn't warm it enough. i drove ok in housing area but when i turned out to the main road, the morning sun shined directly into my eyes and i couldn't see a thing with the thin ice on. within 5 seconds... bang! i hit another car by the roadside...

9. Favorite day of the week:
- friday evening, saturday whole day and sunday before dinner!! if i have to pick one day it will be saturday, start from 12am! (party just started!)

10. Favorite restaurant:
- steamboat restaurant that serves beef!!
- jake's
- good steakhouse
- dimsum!

11. Favorite flower:
- what happen if i say... brocoli?

12. Favorite sport to watch:
- used to watch a lot of nba, pool, bowling. rarely watch tv now.

13. Favorite drink:
- water

14. Favorite ice cream:
- macdonald's

15. Disney or Warner Bros:
- both!

16. Favorite fast food restaurant?
- a&w and burger king

17. What color is your bedroom carpet?
- transparent.

18. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
- none in malaysia, once in us for written test.

19. Before this one, from whom did you get yourlast e- mail?
- spam mail.

20. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
- low yat plaza?

21. What you do most often when you are bored?
- online, play games, read a book, watch dvd. <-- dvd machine broken since last mth.

22. Bed time:
- when i am sleepy

23. Who will respond to this "SURVEY" the quickest?
- that dude....

24. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond?
- that dude 2...

25. Favorite TV shows:
- gilmore girls
- friends
- csi (original one in vegas)

26. Last person you went out to dinner with:
- last night with parents, sister and gf.

27. Ford or Chevy?
- definately chevy, ford sucks ass! had 2 fords (ford bronco ii and mercury sable) both got transmission problems!

28. What are you listening to right now?
- the fan on my workstation...

29. What are you reading now?
- this survey lor what else? duh...

30. What is your favorite color?
- blue!

31. Lake, ocean or river?
- to view, ocean.
- to swim, lake.
- to fish, river.

32. How many tattoos do you have?
- nada.

33. Time you finished this survey?:
- 4:50:03pm. damn boss bugged me a few times while i was doing this...

34. Have you ever run out of gas?
- not yet, and hopefully not in the future too.

haven't updated my blog for a while...

had dinner with gf at tgif on my birthday. i had the lamp chop but it's more like lamb ribs... didnt like the way they cooked it... i wonder why food in malaysia always have black pepper on it... whereas there werent any black pepper in the states...

gf's sister stopped by and brought along this huge peanut butter cake. it was... very filling.

the next day, gf and i had dinner with the xettie dudes in damansara perdana. we had crabs... 4 types of crabs and 1 fried rice. after dinner, gf dropped me at nusa 2 and she headed to the golden horse palace for the seminar next day.

we "partied" (is that a verb?) at nusa 2 in ikano. it was friday and it was also ladies night. basically we owned the whole place. and the ladies get unlimited supply of alcohol.

we played and we drank as usual, with a bit of pole dancing... ahem...

i was super high in just a few minutes after my arrival. everybody asked me to yumseng with them. and my whole stomach was filled with beer and gas...

advise when party with xettie dudes:
1. if you drink with hayanna, make sure she doesn't strip you.
2. if you see rourou looking at you smiling for no reason, go up and hold her because she will be sitting on the floor soon.
3. if you see me drinking a lot and breaking off the pool, stay far away from the pool table or else the cue ball will hit you.
4. if you see both nom and nunu drinking, get your camera ready and you might just capture something really good.
5. if you are the birthday guy, make sure you can drink... else just lay down on the seat and pretend you're drunk.

the rest of the pics are censored.

  • thanks to all the xetties, cathy and kit for the bottle of amarula.
  • thanks to hayanna and mervyn for the cake and salted fish. (no, those 2 things dont go in together. hayanna bought the fishie when she went to east coast. but i treat them as part of my birthday present because she passed it to me that nite.)
  • thanks to nunu, nomnom and rourou for drawing stuffs on my face with cream.
  • thanks to nunu for driving me home in cheryl's car.
  • thanks to everyone for making me drunk.
i had the blast of the year!!!