Tuesday, May 31, 2005

no more madagascar...

i don't understand. why do those people change plans all the time? always last minute...

for those who had read what i wrote on the board last nite, you may skip this post. (it's basically the same bitching again.)

the story goes like this...

on sunday evening, in front of gf's family (except her dad wasn't around) and i asked gf when will be a good time to get madagascar movie tickets. she said anytime...

ok fine, anytime. so i double confirmed again, tuesday nite ok? and she said ok. her mom was there, her sisters were there... so i assume there isn't of her family function on tuesday.

i queued my ass up at the ticketing counter for more than 30 minutes (sunday, long queue.) and bought 2 tickets. (yes, only 2. was glad none of her family wanna join.)

after i got the tickets, i announced the movie time again to gf in front of her family, tuesday at 7:05pm. and nobody objected. i should have add in "speak now or forever hold your peace!"

yesterday after work while i was driving home, gf called me and told me there's a dinner with her whole family on tuesday.

wtf... and then gf told me the dinner was supposed to be on monday... wtfffff? nobody told me anything about the dinner. damn it.

yes i do know there will be a dinner (i think it was her dad's birthday, on 30 or 31st, not sure. ) but i really have no freaking idea when will that be!

i dont understand why her family always got this sudden-ad-hoc method of doing things. like i am always available or something. "oh yeah, no problem. freddie is always okie one..."

and for the reason behind changing of dinner plan? i am not sure. nobody cares to tell me about it. what can i do? go yell at the family and ask for refund of tickets? i gave up... whatever... i just show my face tonite. (hopefully they won't change the plan again!)

as for the 2 movie tickets, gf passed it to her sister, see if she can sell it off. which i highly doubted anyone will want to rush for a 7:05pm movie for a price.


Monday, May 30, 2005

thai food in aman puri

since hazel was lazy to upload the pics, i'll update them onto the blog.

nom before lunch... ready to sweat!

rourou holding her can of 100-plus...

rourou striked a pose!!

ta..ta..da...da... in the order of appearance, i present you the thai food!

you're not having thai food if you skip tomyam!!

if you like coconut juice, try this one. otak-otak cooked with coconut juice... plus sotong too!!

fried kailan with salted fish. something smoother...

thai style steamed sea bass!

me pigging out...

nunu waited his pic to be taken before stuffing down the food.

nom was eating so fast that his spoon and fork were blurred out!! (no, it wasn't a shaky hand, the rice was actually quite clear.)

it makes you wonder, does nom sweat from the fast moving eating or the spiciness of thai food?

and what's missing? yeah, hazel is missing. that's her camera, and she didn't let us take any of her pic... so...

so... hayanna, are you regretting on your ffk that day?

another weekend went by...

the weekend just passed by...

on friday nite, i went to asia cafe in subang to have dinner with wauhaha and nunu. surprisingly jam... and the stupid round-about from pyramid to sjmc has been closed.

i had to make a u-turn in front of summit. another jam area... i wonder how could those ppl live in subang... i never liked that place.

wauhaha and nunu was already there waiting for me. i ordered my food, stuffed everything down the throat and we went for pool again.

the tiger beer in asia cafe is cheap. it's only RM6 for a small bottle, considering ourselves in a pool place... i would think it will cost RM8 or something.

unfortunately i was the only person who drank beer. wauhaha was not in the mood and nunu was total hopeless on alcohol as everyone knows.

i stuffed 2 bottles down while playing. nunu had to leave early to pack his stuffs (he's moving to another place). wauhaha and i played for another hour or so and we decided to head home.

reached home around 1am, turned on my pc... launched starcraft... connected to battlenet... and killed tons of monsters and humans online.

soon, the sun rose then i realized it was already 6:30am. left a msg on xettieboard and ask hayanna to gimme a morning call at 11am since i will be having lunch with her and a few others.

ended up waking around 9:45am. i guess i wasn't used to sleeping in the morning...

signed into xettieboard and hayanna told me she had to ffk me on lunch because she couldn't get out from her boss lunch invitation. there goes my drinking partner while having hot+spicy+sour thai food.

hazel, nom, nunu and rourou came for lunch. i ordered tom yam (must have), thai style steam fish, coconut otak-otak and salted fish kailan.

nom seemed to enjoy thai food very much while rourou wasn't quite ready for the spiciness. as usual, hazel took a few pics of the food.

and this nunu hasn't finished packing his stuffs.

wauhaha dropped by for a surprise visit after we finished all the food. we sat there and chitchat till 4 something. while they were talking about where to go, my sleepy worms kicked in. i was really tired and didn't want to move. (especially after heavy lunch )

so we seperated and i headed home... but i didn't went to bed though. i ended up reading books for another 3 hours before i dozed off on bed.

i think i slept from 7:40pm... woke up once at midnite, then at 4am, another time at 7am... and i finally woke up at 10am!!!

had nothing to do, played online game for a while... took a shower then ready to head out to gym.

saw my phone and i got an sms from nunu at 10:49am, asking me to help him move his stuffs. i called him back and he told me everything has been moved. dude, next time call me instead of sms.

suddenly had this idea of having an haircut before gym. since i'm gonna take a shower anyway.

had that rm12 haircut at ikano. love that place. it's cheap and most importantly, FAST!

walked across the skybridge and went into FF for gym. worked out for less than an hour, then realized it was sunday and it closed at 5pm.

by the time i came out from shower, i realized another thing... i was DAMN HUNGRY! bent my fingers and counted (屈指一算), i hadn't eaten anything since the thai food lunch.

gf called right on time. she has reached kl with her mom and little brat. as usual, she asked me to go to 1-utama again. frankly, i was kinda sick of the food in ice-stein (her elder sis's shop) already. well no choice...

bought movie tickets to watch madagascar on tuesday. but it's at 7:05pm. i am not sure if i can rush to 1U from KL on time though. but screw it... i am gonna sneak out at 6pm sharp!

and that's my weekend. nothing to excite about. so how's yours?

for thai food pics, check out hazel's blog