Friday, April 29, 2005

the other alcoholics returned!

yesterday after work, grabbed 2 piece of breads from the little store near my office and that was my dinner. then headed over to barfly...

traffic jam as usual. took me 30 min drive to IMC parking, while walking from my company to barfly only takes less than 15 min.

nom, me, cheryl, firewire and rourou (in the order of appearance) were there... it was ladies' nite. at first cheryl and rourou were hestitating on getting the free drinks. so i led them to the bar and asked for free drinks for the ladies. i could see their eyes were growing sparks when they saw the list of free ladies' drinks.

both of them got the illusion cocktails, and it tasted okie. rourou asked us to help her finish the drinks faster so that they can go back and try the other drinks on 2nd round.

after the 1st round free ladies' drinks, the girls got smart and they went themselves and asked for the drinks. both of them came back with kama sutra cocktails. the color is nice but the taste... how shouldi put it... "my cough syrup tasted better..."

rourou hated that drink, she kept asking me to finish her cough syrup... later on the girls went for 3rd round... then 4th... and 5th and... i know it's free flow of drinks for girls but...

we played many many games of pool. we got the pool table at the far side, which is the suckest table. the cue (white) ball always get stucked inside. we've called the staff so many times and ask them to open the lock for us just to retrieve the cue ball. at the end, that fellow just stood around our area waiting for us to call him.

later cheryl and rourou decided to go over to the bar (easy access to more free drinks i guess... ) and kept drooling at the bartender, who was a bit gayish according to nom. (is he jealous or...? i dunno. ) they ditched me and firewire at the pool table, while i was playing a few games with a white gentleman.

rourou enjoyed her 1st lesbo encounter. she said a girl grabbed her butts and she in turn grabbed hers. and i think rourou kinda liked it. perhaps she can join kae and hayanna this weekend.

and cheryl was a bit blur + high. of course lah, free flow of ladies' drinks... but at least she kept quiet when we were at the mamak. rourou on the other hand... was a bit tipsy + loud! yes, loud! nom is excited while firewire was quiet all nite long.

after mamak, we walked cheryl to pick up her car, then i drove nom, firewire and rourou to pick up firewire's car behind wisma spk.

i drank very little, less than 3 mugs of beer, 1/2 glass of illusion and 1/2 glass of cough syrup only. and i must say i was lucky not to drink much. because i was pulled over at the road block to experience the 1st alcohol level check in my life!

actually i was quite calm, i knew i didn't drink much. so i was pretty sober when they pulled me a side and asked for my ic + driving license. while nom was pretty excited because it was his first time to see someone does alcohol level test, and rourou was noisy talking about also wanted to try on the test kits.

now you all know why i was pulled over by the police.

the policeman asked me to blew twice. obviously i was not above the legal level. so he let us go.

cheryl on the other hand were driving pretty fast. 1/2 way while i was sending nom home, she smsed me and told me she passed a road block. few minutes later she reached home already.

dropped nom off his place, i headed home, took a shower and laid flat on my precious bed.

don't drink and drive!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

对联 part 3

another round today...

freddie: 朝朝 朝霞 朝日出,夜夜 夜光 夜幕间
wauhaha: 我行 我素 我欢喜,无怨 无悔 无忧虑 (missed the format)
cl3ment: 家家 家里 家溫聲, 戶戶 戶中 戶溫暖
freddie: 日日 日起 日作习,夕夕 夕阳 夕人归
nunu: 天天 天明 天边望, 深深 深夜 深思量
wauhaha: 偏偏 偏离 偏相遇, 慌慌 慌忙 慌张望 (2nd entry)
yy: 星星 星海 星光闪 月月 月光 月朦胧
nom: 向向 向所 向无敌,我我 我惟 我独尊 (i gave up on this guy...)

4:00pm in the afternoon... nom 有感而发...

nom: 明知相思苦,何必为苦烦?
nunu: 明知相思苦, 奈何没退路
freddie: 暗懂单身沧,理还苦相思.

i think we can start teaching chinese literature... but i failed my chinese literature in O level...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

对联 part 2

more 对联 today...

nunu: 逢夜感慨孤枕眠,盼君早归暖我心
wauhaha: 每日无奈单思念, 望卿能够知我意
freddie: 连天呆目独泣念,期妾速还圆君愿

nunu: 夜夜笙歌尽兴欢,众人皆醉我独醒, 远妾可知君心意,欢尽人散我独泣
wauhaha: 日日伤心泪满脸, 旁人欢笑我哭泣, 盼君能够明妻念,泪尽人去我重欢
freddie: 朝朝断肠空悲切,他人欢庆己独泣.愿君能解卿思念,落滴满襟己难欢

lunch time... to be continue...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


we were bored... nunu was emotional... so we played 对联.

nunu: 秋季即临君将离,唯可深叹多保重.
freddie: 春风吹至花即开,依旧感慨少有心.
nom: 冬季降到君就来,请你少穿几件衣.

nunu: 前路茫茫何出去,望谁指我一明路.
freddie: 旁人匆匆忙归还,期君为妾掌明灯.
nom: 旁人个个忙着回,望你能借掌spotlight我.

nunu: 倾倾妳我明月下,长长久久直永恒.
freddie: 纤纤玉手暗丛中,怩怩怜怜多姿雅. (a bit... uh... "yellow".)
nom: 倾倾你我太阳下,不做黑人真可惜.

wauhaha soon joined us...
nunu: 枝上黄雀只只对对,枝下伊人亲亲蜜蜜.
wauhaha: 路上行人孤孤单单,屋里夫妻吵吵闹闹. (would be perfect if it's "屋外行人孤孤单单")
freddie: 坟前幼草密密麻麻,坟后老松稀稀荒荒.
nom gave up...

kae joined...
nunu: 朝朝幕幕相依相偎,倾倾我我相亲相爱.
kae: 吵吵闹闹骂来骂去,哭哭啼啼何时能了. (within 10 seconds!)
freddie: 日日夜夜惜姿惜恋,依依偎偎惜卿惜妾. (damn i am genius! )
nom gave up...

nunu got tired of thinking new 上联, so we'll be continue tomorrow...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

怪你过分美丽 - 张国荣


力度与温度 差不多
可以说走 一早已拼命退後
想过放手 但未能够

终於花光心计 信念也都枯萎

其他的一切 没一种矜贵

btw, the mtv of this song is...

largest xettie party so far!

last nite was the largest party for xettie members. we've gotten 12 people!

wauhaha, hazel, kae, nom, daijoubu, p4n6, smei, yy, rourou, cheryl, nunu, me and my gf. (not in order of appearance, since i was pretty late. but still a lot earlier than "someone". )

initially we set the time to meet up at 9pm. but i know i'll be late, just don't know how late. i went home and grabbed the 2 books nunu asked for. i sat on the sofa and took a rest... and i fell asleep!! woke up at 8:30pm and thought about ffk everybody... even though i worked for whole nite and didn't get a bit of sleep the nite before.

still, i know i wouldn't survive the flame if i ffk, so i made myself nescafe kau kau and dragged my tired body to the shower... then headed out and picked gf up at the curve's fitness first. i smsed nunu and told him i'll be pretty late, and i smsed the wrong person since he only reached there at 11pm!!

we had our dinner at mcdonald's... by the time we reached midvalley, it was already 10:30pm. we all gathered at brewball midvalley. i guess many of us were joining because of the location is convenience for everyone, plus today is public holiday.

we drink little bit of beer, shot pool, also a bit of foosballs. but not as high as the other day in barfly though. probably not enough of alcohol to boost the mood.

we poked balls till 12:40am when the place closed. then we headed to desa sri hartamas for mamak. personally i rather go to devi's corner but it was full... so spicy was the other choice. i never liked it if was for it to fix large group of people.

service was bad. nobody comes to take order... the food sucks and the drinks were tasteless. we chitted and we chatted...
me: most guys who drives a jaguar are older men...
rourou: not really lah, there are some younger men...
[moments later]
rourou: my boss drives a jaguar...
me: oh really? how old is he?
rourou: hmmm... 70 something...

at around 2:50am, we're ready to leave. nobody would come to collect money! i so ready to just stand up and leave.

gf drove me back to the curve to collect my car and then we headed home. took a shower and within minutes i dropped my half dead body on the bed and slept... zzz...zzZZ...ZZZZ...

it was a fun/tired nite out. there will be a steamboat gathering tonite organized by hazel...

i was being a good boy. i didn't smoke. (yeah, gf was there...)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the return of alcoholic...

[stupid boring meeting... only need 5 min of my time, and yet the traveled back and forth to hotel nikko took me 40 min. interrupted me bloggin... ]

anyway, here i am. trying to remember what i did last nite.

it all started yesterday morning when hazel was in bad mood because of her supervisor and director shot her. then wauhaha kena big time from his fat ass boss. soon followed by my charcoal faced boss mumbling the f word in front of us... and cheryl was having a bad time too... plus monday blues! so as you can see we were all in pretty bad mood.

initially hazel said she wanted to eat a lot!! and i suggested a&w. so we all can drink beer (root beer) and stuff in those fattening waffles with ice cream!

and don't know how it ended up to kim gary in the curve. and we set it at 8pm.

wauhaha, me, daijoubu, clement, cheryl, hazel and nom (as usual, in the order of appearance...) shown up in kim gary.

that was my first time meeting daijoubu and he doesn't really look like 19 yrs old. if he's 19, then hazel must be 16.

we ate, we talked and we laughed. after dinner, we were deciding to go to ss2 or nusa 2. since nusa 2 was just opposite the curve, so we picked the place (again).

(and we got to sat on cheryl's new car!! that new car smell... )

and the boss there recognized me already and he kept asking me to attend the sarong party there this friday. free flow of ladies' drinks will be served.

other than our usual activities, beer + pool, we are also able to get online with cheryl's laptop, leeching the wifi signal from starbucks.

wauhaha took a pic of me shooting pool. and it's on cheryl's blog. (ahem, i know i looked pro but i lose to girls! )

hazel finally has her taste of what it felt like to be surrounded by 4 guys teaching her how to play pool while cheryl, daijoubu and i were watching.

and you guys...

after 3 jugs of beer (and i seem to drank most of them. ) and it was getting late as the pub is going to close. we headed home our way...

this time everybody sms'ed me when they reached home except wauhaha...