Thursday, March 31, 2005

stupid jam...

most of you know that i go to work every morning quite late. at around 9am... and i usually reach work around 9:30-9:45am. sometimes before 10am if there're any accident on my route.

today, since i've been awaken for the whole night, i decided to go to office early. i departed at 7:15am... guess what? i reached the office at 8:45am! a whole freaking 1.5 hrs of bumper-to-bumper jam!!!

crap, i will never go to office early again!

busy busy busy days...

for those who talks to me thru xettieboard (yes, it's a chatboard, not a tagboard ) regularly, knew that i was extremely busy for the past and next few days.

why? rushing projects... i had skipped gym for the first time for more than 4 days...

these few days i have been getting less than 4 hrs of sleep. went home, ate something, took shower then sleep. woke up around mid nite to continue my work... till early in the morning, took a little 15 min nap then wnt to work...

my last few days had been like that... i am now extremely exhausted... hopefully tomorrow will be the last day like this...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

parking ticket...

i've developed an habit on parking illegally (but without blocking anybody) lately at the sidewalk behind the office, *IF* the parking lot near my office is full...

it has been almost a month since i started to park there.

yesterday ah meow told me that she might consider park there too... but she was worried about getting a parking ticket. she told me she has very bad luck on doing these sort of things.

guess what? i got it today. that cat with crow mouth.

anyway, it's ok. if i pay within 14 days, it will cost me RM30. which is still cheaper than getting legal parking for a month near my offic.

bad thing is... i dunno where to pay.

crap, just found out i couldn't pay via dbkl website.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

went home early... woohooo??

today, dunno what happened... my boss asked us to go home early.

he said it was going to rain heavy... he shutted down the server and everything just before 5pm...

but unfortunately, it was freaking jam outside. it took me almost 2 hrs to get home.

crab feast #2

this afternoon, hayanna asked me to organize another crab feast because she is dying for more...

i asked in xettieboard, basically most people supported the idea. except maybe we'll change the venue this time from damansara perdana to else where.

since cheryl is the "busiest" person, i've decided to ask her first. and she told me this weekend... aiya... that char siew (bbq pork)... never thought about chinese memorial. most of us won't be able to do the crabs this weekend.

so i asked her any other time, and she told me her schedule is a mess now and asked us to go ahead without her. duh... this cupid so busy...

wauhaha suggested aman puri. (so near to my place! ) and rourou asked to go to telok gong. so far...

so any suggestion??

or maybe kuala selangor?


while i was busy killing aliens on my computer games, there was a call but i missed it, because i was with my headphone playing shoot those fugly aliens to protect the earth.

then 5 min later cathy called me... it was already 12:30am. and i thought she was in some troubles or something, perhaps car breakdown somewhere in the middle and needed some helps.

but the first thing she asked me was "hey freddie, you feel any shake...?" i was like... huh? what shake? milkshake? how did she know i was playing game and shaking to shoot some aliens?

it turned out that she was asking if i feel the earth shaking, since i live on 9th floor. she told me she felt the apartment shaking a bit and kit and her ran out. i told her i didn't feel a thing. (i live near kepong and she live in subang usj. quite far away...)

so i told her to go to some mamak and have a few drinks, spend sometime outside with kit to get moonbath... (i made this part up. )

10 min later, nunu called me again. hmmm wondering how come ppl keep calling me uh? then when he asked me which floor do i live in, i only realized that not many people live in highrise building.

nunu told me he thought he was dizzy from playing games. until his housemate told him it was some earthquake...

since everything is ok, go to bed! nite nite!

oh well, since i haven't heard anything from the news, i assume everything is alright now... go back to bed people, and don't call and scare me.

Monday, March 28, 2005

seafood dinner at pandamaran, near klang...

my sis's uk bf is here in kl and they will be going back to uk together next saturday. . my parents came to kl as well to attend my uncle's twin-granddaughter first month ceremony.

that means my whole family is in kl. then dr bro called me on saturday and asked if i will be able to join the family dinner on sunday nite. of course i am free for family dinner... duh... so i said ok and he asked me to wait for him at his apt in ss2 at 7pm.

on sunday afternoon dr bro called me again and asked me if i know how to go to "pandan malam" which is somewhere near klang with good seafood. uh... what? do you think i live in klang or what? of course i don't know. duh...

just when i decided to call my friend to ask for direction, i forgot the name of the place again. i called dr bro again and this time he told me it's "pandan dalam" and he knew how to get there already. so i was thinking, "fine, you know how to go there so i'll just follow your car..."

later at nite, i got to ss2 around 7pm. as usual, they were late... my parents just came back a while ago from 1-utama with my sis and her bf. so gf and i waited in dr bro's place.

we went out from ss2 around 8pm. we drove in 2 cars, dr bro and i. my parents were on his car and sister/bf on mine. it was a pain to follow dr bro's car as he drove kinda funny. i bet he didn't realize there's someone actually following his car. (or maybe he thought some russian kgb spies were following him, so he's trying to lose them or something )

he took federal highway. we jammed near motorola there for about 20 min. should have taken another route...

then on the 1st shah alam toll on fed highway, dr bro cut queue! damn... i was way behind and he cut queue!! wtf? how the f did he expect me to follow his car? needless to say, i lost him.

gf called her friends for direction. and we took the banting route. we missed a turn at the hospital and after a while we ended up in bkt tinggi. but it was ok since we were near...

then dr bro called me and asked me to go to crystal crown hotel. so that we could look for the seafood restaurant together. i was like... "huh? wtf? you didn't know where is the restaurant??" i don't even know where's the hotel and he asked me to go there just to go look together???

at the end, i told my sis, maybe we should have our dinner at that a&w there. and surprisingly my sis agreed.

another 30 min gone while looking for that stupid hotel. and we ended up at a shell station. i got out of the car and bought ourselves a few packs of soy bean milk. charlies (sis' bf) even bought an ice-cream too!

then i spotted something that looks like a few seafood restaurants. without much thought, i called dr bro and told him that i've found the restaurants, whether those are in his mind or not, i don't care anymore. it was 10 freaking PM already!

we went to the restaurant and started ordering food already while waiting for dr bro to arrive. 15 min later he reached the shell station, but he didn't know how to get here. damn it... trust your own freaking eyes. you could just see those restaurants behind the station.

finally everyone arrived. it was 10:20pm already. damn... next time if you don't know the way, don't suggest it! and always remember it when you ask people to follow your freaking car! and also get the freaking name right! it's PANDAMARAN, not pandan malam or pandan dalam!

and dr bro's wife kept saying that they actually wanted to go to telok gong. but somehow got the name wrong... blah blah blah... whatever. we were too hungry to argue with her.

the food was okay... not bad and not great either. as i mentioned to my sister before my parents arrived, i ain't going to pay. dr bro is buying dinner. we ordered 1kg of steam crabs, 1kg of sweet and sour crabs, 1 steam fish, 1 belacan veggie, 1 butter prawns, 1 osyters fried eggs, 1 deep fried sotong and 1 bamboo clams.

the restaurant was supposed to close at 10:30pm but we ate till 12pm... since we arrived late... and we were also the last to leave the restaurant. they practically closed all the doors except one.

dr bro went to pay for the bill himself. good for him! it was rm250++. not expensive but i could definately find some place cheaper.

we left the place at 12 something... by the time i dropped my sister+bf and came back home, it was already 1 something am. so damn tired... definately not worth it... not worth all the trouble getting lost in klang and starved for 2 freaking hours.

next time i'll bring parents to kuala selangor instead. 1 single road and won't lost our way in. a doctor doesn't mean he has got a good brain...