Saturday, February 26, 2005

building my own server...

few days ago, a client needed to get a small server for co-location. so i contacted my good friend who works in HP and see if he can get me a good deal.

it turned up that the supplier has the machine but without the cdrom drive in it. furthermore, they couldn't deliver the server by saturday before noon.

so last nite i decided to go to low yat and got all the parts i could. since i am not paying for it, i didn't care much for the bargain part. i tell you, it feels great to spend people's money!

i went to all it hypermart on 3rd floor. i know i know they don't offer the best price but who cares, i am not paying.

i grabbed this guy jeff, from the counter and asked him to quote me on all the parts. it has gotten a p4 3.0e, 1gb cl2 ram, gigabyte 915g board with built in video, sound and lan, 2x 80gb hdd raid, mini atx case, swapped the power supply to a rm180 acbel 400w.

i must say... this is an expensive system. i wouldn't have bought it if i have to pay for it myself.

my first mistake... i let them assemble the thing for me at 7:30pm and they're closing at 8:30pm. with only 1 hour to stuff everything inside such a small case... the end result is pretty bad. (at least i felt that)

all the cables were simply squeezed into the case and blocking the air flow in front of the power supply.

so i had to rearrange all the cables and tighten them up. because it's a small case, so it's kinda hard to do the tightening work without removing all the parts. ya, you guessed it right, i removed everything. i mean everything from the pc and put everything back together myself. (duh, could have save the time waiting at low yat since i assembled it all by myself again.)

2nd mistake, also my last and BIGGEST mistake. i chose the wrong casing for data hosting.

this case is small. in a data centre, a small case means cheaper hosting fees per month. (they go by the thickness of the case. 1U, 2U, 3U ... xU. 1U is actually "1 unit", the unit is those holes on those standing cabinet type standing rack. 1U is about about 1.75 inches.

this mini atx tower case can also be lay down on the side. which made it only 3U. (normal PC tower is about 4U) 1U less means cheaper.

but but but... i forgot that this case has air holes on each side. one is intake hole directly on top of the CPU, to cool the processor. the other is actually at the bottom of the case, for the outflow from the power supply.

it looks like this:

so imagine if i lay it down... either air hole will be blocked. so i guess i will have to get an additional 1U, so i can put some blocks to elevate the case. there goes my profit...

after i finished re-assembled the thing, it was already 3am. installed the OS and db server, downloaded service packs and patches, reconfiguring... by the time i was done, it was 6am.

kae, to answer your question in xettieboard this morning, i hadn't sleep yet.

was suppose to go to the curve for karaoke with gf... but i passed when gf woke me up at 10am.

[added later]

Friday, February 25, 2005

busy, stuffs, busy, dream, busy, job...

haven't update the blog for a while. i have been really busy these few days... maybe next week and next month too.

been struggling within myself too. shall i just quit my job... and concentrate on my freelance? but i know with my freelance jobs alone, i wouldn't be able to pay for my housing loan. really fed up with my current job.

my ex-colleague stopped by the office and had lunch with me the other day. he is now working in plaza pantai, and he couldn't stand the food there anymore. since all they got is malay food in plaza pantai, we were talking about opening a chicken rice stall there.

he is now going thru that "oh crap, i am going to be 30 and what should i do?" thingie. both of us agreed that being a programmer sucks big time. one you couldn't keep track of all the latest tech thingies, you are no longer valuable to the bosses.

been to a few interviews since beginning of this year. the last one was only last friday... and no news!!

when i checked back with jobstreet or jobsdb... 99% of my applications were either "under consideration" or "kept for future consideration". i wonder what kept me out...

maybe i should just tell them, my expected salary is enough for me to pay my loan and my food. as long as you save me from the hell hole in my current company...

i feel like taking leave tomorrow but... i got 2 reports and 3 proposals due...

guess i need to

no cruise... :(

after confirmed with parents and everybody... the package was sold out!!

i was a bit disappointed but at the same time feeling relief.

why? i am not sure... perhaps the idea of 2 families getting together scared me.

maybe next time... next time when i am ready for them to discuss about the dowry stuffs.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

mas travel fair

gf and i decided to go to mas travel fair in mines... it was BADLY jammed before and after the stupid toll. i don't understand why a toll has to be there.

there should a regulation from the gov saying that 1km before and after the toll cannot be jammed, else it's the highway management's fault and the rights to collect fees will be suspended... or so... (dreaming)

while i almost give up going there, i spotted a sign at the entrance of mines biz center. "free water taxi to mas fair"

we parked the car (RM5 parking, still better than jamming another 2 hrs to mines under the HOT HOT sun) and walked to the taxi stop. normal fare for the water taxi across the lake is 10 bucks and i sweat i will never pay 10 bucks for that kinda ride.

it took about 7 min to ride across the lake and we reached mines resorts. had to walk over to the exhibition centre. that place is crowded! and they change 2 bucks for entrance fees. that's why i hate to go to mines' exhibition. all visitors have to paid to buy stuffs.

went in there, looked around and we ended up booking with the same company that we bought bali trip last yr during mas fair.

this time i bought 2 tickets to bangkok... haven't decide whether to join the tour or do free&easy ourselves...

then this 50% off on germini cruise deal caught our attention. RM350 for 3d 2n on a cruise to langkawi. not bad woh...

went home talked her sis/hubby and her mom... looks like they are going to have a family trip on cruise...

so i dragged my parents along too... just confirmed few hrs ago with my parents that they're ok to join the trip. wheee... (happy families gathering )

let's see if there're still that many rooms left on the cruise...

i dunno if this is such a good idea. just imagine both side parents sit on the same table over dinner... planning our wedding...

Friday, February 18, 2005


my gf's sis has decided to move back to KL along with her hubby...

since i don't own the apartment (both gf and her sis own it). i have no problem with them moving back in.

the only problem is... my pc will be occupied most of the time. perhaps it's just me who doesn't know how to ask them to hand off my pc when i need it.

maybe it's a good news. perhaps i don't need to cough up all the utilities + maintenance fees by myself. (let's hope so...)

i'll be getting my new apt keys on 1st of march... yay!

let it rains... let it rains...

at around 11pm, i heard the thunder rumbling directly on top of my apt. so happy! finally there's some heavy rain to wash away all the heat.

was watching the rain when it turned heavy. dunno why, i felt like going out and run under the rain. perhaps i miss the rain but luckily i didn't go out.

i guess tonite will be a relief for ppl like me who doesn't sleep in an air-conditioning room. as of right now, it's a bit cold with the wind blowing into my room. well... gf went home, nobody to share body heat with... so... i think i might need to get my blanket out from the closet.

gf is coming back tomorrow, yay!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


someone in xettieboard asked what's the best patch up song for broken couple.

straight away from my mind, is this song...

maybe i'll record my singing on this song tonite too and put it into my chipmunk song collections.

*即使你离开 我热情未改
这漫长夜里 谁人是你所爱
花不似盛开 爱渐如大海
假使你怀念我 为何独处感概*




Repeat *

即使你离开 我热情未改
这漫长夜里 谁人是你所爱

Repeat # * * *


slowly and gradually my blogging mood has came back.

wanted to blog about my chinese new year in hometown but... i forgot what actually happened during that period.

i could only remember there were food, lots of food. and drinks... and meeting up with friends... and lots of buggers asked me when will i get married. (i think they just wants to get angpow from me for their kiddos. )

been very busy at work. lots of things had piled up on my desk...

also have been searching for a notebook under 2kg for under RM4k, so i can bring it around and fix stuffs whenever my clients call me up. any recommendation?

also talked to my parents about leaving my job in KL and go back to ipoh to take over my dad's business. but we'll see... that probably won't happen in the next 6 mths.

planned to go to china, look for some stuffs to trade... to help my dad's business...

life... uncertainty... sigh...

types of firworks

of all the fireworks i've just seen when i was in the mamak, i think i can put them in 3 categories.

1. sub standard, watered fireworks
these are those cheap fireworks, probably way past its expiry date (if any). they made loud noise but the result... imagine when it explodes, instead of a big round of sparks, you get uneven circle, perhaps even 1/2 a circle.

2. standard user lightable fireworks
these are the most common, loud explosion and and somewhat uneven circle when it explodes in the sky. you can see those almost everywhere tonite.

3. KLCC standard
these things explode with loud low pitch noise. very much like listening to heavy bass rock music with 28-35 Hz turned up to the max. the explosion leaves a full round sphere of sparks with a diameter of 100-200 ft.

well... whatever it is, i wish i can collect RM1 for every explosion i heard. i'll be rich!

crap, it's HOT HOT HOT tonite and i can't open the windows...