Monday, January 31, 2005

the crabs feast last saturday

finally, hayanna has uploaded the pics taken during the gathering.

i came out from fitness fitness. went over to ikano's starbucks and read my book while waiting for everybody.

10 minutes later, i heard a guy's voice asking, "lengjai, is the seat taken?" i was like... wtf? and that was nom!!!

apparently nunu has driven rourou and nomnom to ikano earlier than i was expecting. they reached there around 6pm.

since rourou has never been to ikano, nunu and nomnom offered to be guard dog () and body guard to take her around while i continue to read my novel.

at about 6:55pm, hayanna called me and told me she and kae were in the car in front of starbucks. and i've finally met the mystery woman... i gave nunu a call and told him to wait at mcdonald's. i hopped onto hayanna's car and brought her round and round the area and back to mcdonald's.

while we were waiting there, hayanna told me cathy and kit could not make it because her eldest bro just came back from uk. and rourou buzzed me and told me that they could go straight to the restaurant. so we left mcdonald's and get ready for the crabs.

both car reached the restaurant about the same time. we order some noodles, kiuh teow, breads and crabs! we had 1kg of sweet and sour crabs (and spicy), and 1kg of kam heong (甘香) crabs.

these are the pic of the main dishes... (haha! ain't the food look better after some special effects?? )

sweet and sour and spicy crabs

kam heong (甘香) crabs

mantou (馒头) to dip into the sweat/sour crab sauce

and these are the pic of the crazy eaters.

from top left, me smiling, nomnom grabbing some food, nunu showing his "Oral-Me" t-shirt, rourou making her famous V sign, kae dodging the cam and hayanna (now you know why i called her a mystery woman...)

we went to wow wow cafe after dinner, to drew cartoons.
i wonder who grabbed those pieces of papers we drew...

for larger pics, pls go to hayanna's blog.

it's sunday!

12:35am dropped nom back to his apt...
1:25am got home
1:26am rushed to toilet to pee
1:27am turned on pc and tv. blew water / talked cock in xettieboard
2:00am shower
2:15am continue to talk crap
2:30am read my book and talk crap
4:30am zzz... zzZZ... ZZZ
10:30am woke up by the blasting music from the lower floor
10:35am sat on the couch staring at the blank tv screen
11:00am turned on pc and tv
11:01am talked craps
11:30am washed up
11:45am checked fitness first schedule online
11:47am decided to skip gym today. boring instructor...
12:00pm more craps and read book
3:15pm got changed and ready to go out
3:30pm breakfast/brunch/lunch/tea
3:45pm drove to customer's place
4:05pm reached customer's place 5 min late
4:10pm met the other 2 guys and took down the changes to be made
4:45pm listen to them blew water
7:10pm all water has been blown dry
7:15pm back to my car and thinking of where to go
7:20pm heading to lowyat plaza
7:40pm reached lowyat plaza
7:45pm lepak around lowyat plaza looking at stuffs.
8:10pm stores were closing
8:25pm bought a thumbdrive as gift for my friend
8:30pm heading to sg wang
8:31pm reached sg wang
8:35pm walked around
8:50pm bought 2 DVDs
8:55pm bought a pair of earrings (both singles)
9:00pm walked into an arcade
9:15pm machines whooped my ass and took my RM1.60
9:16pm left arcade
9:17pm hungry
9:18pm headed back to lowyat
9:20pm bought a preztel and juice at auntie anne
9:23pm headed down to pay parking and to parking lot (B5)
9:25pm started my car and heading out of the parking lot
9:30pm came out from lowyat plaza and headed home
10:15pm reached home, damn stupid jam in jln kuching
10:16pm turned on pc and tv, talk craps
11:20pm search for 贱人 mp3
11:45pm only found 贱人 wma
11:50pm coverted wma to mp3

end of sunday... yet it wasn't a sunny day...



作弄人 不吸引 神你对我太不紧
要他懂得去认真 为何我会变心
这贱人 最低等 从没试过要认真
请不给我太拘禁 其实我没有

喜欢你 却没能
放低你 舍不弃
可否给我 再识你
但我与你 不得一起

喜欢你 却没能
放低你 还是你
我也始终 总不适合你
不可一起 我与你 已不再一起

now playing on my blog...
kae, this was the song i was talking about... 贱人!!

as requested by nebo, this is a copy of the song you can download by clicking here.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


finally, i have read about 55% of the da vinci code, so far so good. i am glad that i have a book whenever i am bored.

i hate the feeling of staying home alone. i could spend one whole day outside, sitting at starbucks surfing the net, or read a book. people asked me what's the different between surfing at home and read a book at home compare to doing it outside?

i don't know. i have no clue. i just felt better when i see a lot of people walking around. perhaps i've gotten isolophobia/monophobia over the years when i was studying/working in us.

for those of you who didn't know, i was happily studying in michigan tech univ with a group of good friends in 1992. but i was a troublemaker and the school suspended me for a year. (don't ask what happened...) didn't want to wait for the school to lift my suspension, i decided to transfer to another school -- northern michigan univ, a school nearby (2 hrs drive) with a larger campus and less than 10 asians.

i experienced life in the dorm room for the first time. i even have an american roommate. but he seldom came back to the room. later i've found out that he stayed across the hall with some other americans. (perhaps we didn't have much to talk about...)

i pretty much owns the room by myself. i had a blast with some other americans in the same hall though. they brought me out to join a private party for the underaged drinkers. it was actually hosted in a small house near the campus. we paid 5 bucks for each person and went into the basement. i was surprised that the little basement had more than 200 ppl in it. and i think the neighbours weren't happy with the music and they called the police. police came and raided the whole place, all of us underaged people (i was 19 and legal drinking age is 21) were asked to go home. (phew, but there were more than 150 underaged drinkers, no way they have enough cars to drive us back to the police station, especially in a small town with only 15k population.)

in my 3rd and 4th year of school, i lived alone by myself. i've learned to be self-efficient about everything. how to get around town without any help. walking 2 hrs back and forth to buy groceries in 15F (about -10C) during winter time was a norm to me.

in that few years, i had no friend because i don't socialize much. i think on an average i spoke less than 10 sentences a day.

i met my gf in my 3rd yr... she was actually in my previous school. i got to knew her when i went back to the old school to visit some of my old friends. we see each other almost every weekend. but she had to leave school and go back to malaysia after she graduated on my 4th year.

so i was back to my lone ranger life again... i spent most of my time in a virtual life on the net. i got to meet my ex-boss (chino) online and he helped me a lot trying to secure an interview for me to his clients. unfortunately, due to the conflicts of interest, i was not hired.

having no job and no future, chino decided to hire me to help him on his freelance stuffs when he had to take care of his wife's health. i was glad that i had him in my life to smooth things out for me.

i packed my stuffs, drove 8 hrs from marquette to minneapolis in my old little truck all by myself. i stayed in minneapolis for 3 yrs. chino treated me like a family member, he introduced me to all his relatives, he invited me to all his family occasions. he has once told me, he saw me as a younger version of him 20 yrs ago when he was alone without a job in us.

but then again, it's his family occasions. i was hesitated on joining those events. i was scared to stay home alone. it was tough and i was depressed. on most of the weekends, i spent my time walking alone in the mall of america watching people spent their time with their families. or, simply pick a movie to watch in the theatre. my highest record was 4 movies on the same day.

overall, my past time in us was a big blur. i don't remember much of it because i have nothing much to remember.

and now, with these new friends from xettieboard, i felt that i've found back my lost life. i can be early 20's again! i felt that i finally can do what i was supposed to do during my early 20's.

but then again, i have no complaints. it was a life i chose to have, which had taught me to be extremely independent and self-efficient...

xettieboard crabs feast!

pls refer to the crabs feast last saturday

Saturday, January 29, 2005

charlie's freddie's angels

these are my charlie's freddie's angels. they are my programmers, and they can kick your ass too!

this is a section of my office. all the technical staffs sit here. so, how's it?

i sit next to "spiderman 2", terrie sits next to "the mexican", meow sits in front of me and mei lin sits in front of terrie.

and our 镇山之宝 is that middle poster between terrie and me. look at those legs!! whoever dares to move that poster, DIE DIE DIE!!

but... i am going to lose one of my angels starting next month.

mei lin has got some family issues to take care with, so my boss basically lets her go. or known as long holiday. i hope she'll come back after she settles all the stuffs.

good luck mei lin!!

boring friday nite... and mr xettie

it's friday! yay!!

but... what's there to yay?
i am bored... drop dead bored!!

with nothing else to do, i picked up my pic on the blog and added a few different varieties to it. here're the results. please vote for your favourite.











please pick your choice.

p/s: damn! i am really bored!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2005

HOWTO: the emotional icons (part 2)

this one is dedicated to 阿颖, i broke her 八卦板 and now she has lost all the msgs.

to make it up to her, i've special made a page for her to simply copy/paste emotional icons.

it's in:

阿颖, sorry again...

HOWTO: the emotional icons (part 1)

there had been many ppl asked me about how to put in those emotional icons... and 阿颖 just asked me again. guess i'll do this HOWTO, once and for all. :D <-- lazy actually...

if you have some html knowledge, it will be very easy. if you don't, don't worry... it's not that hard either.

i have my own set of smiley faces that i put on xettieboard. those smiley can be found at :

for starter, in order to put up a smiley into your blog, you must know where's it from. simply right click on my smiley and select "properties". like this:

in the Properties dialog, you will see the URL of the smiley on where it's residing.

then you just need to copy that URL of the smiley and put it onto you blog with the <img> tag. it looks like this:
<img src="">

and it will come out like this:

for advanced user, if you have your own hosting, or picture hosting. you right click on my the icons and save them on your pc. then upload them to your own hosting.

i know it's a lot of work, but unfortunately blogger didn't have its own set of smiley for us to use.

code of life... for bonus and increment. (18SX)

this morning i was talking to my ex-colleague clement via msn. and his name on msn is if isnull(bonus) and isnull(increament) then emotional = "hopeless"

poor guy. of all his life, he has never gotten ANY bonus before!! then i was laughing at him about his birth timing not being good. thus made us lost the bonus 2 yrs ago when he was still in the company. but as soon as he left the company, the next yr we've gotten our bonus!

he wrote me a function...
if ((bonus==0) && (increament==0)) {


and i wrote this...
function fuckTheBoss() {

if (boss.Legs.Opened == true) {
else {

then things started to get funny when another ex-colleague dylan joined the conversation. he wrote...
if (!hasBonus)

if getFired
while bossStillAlive()
else if (bonus == a little bit)


that's why it's good to keep in touch with your ex-colleague. mind you, we still have our ex-colleague gathering few times a year.

what? no party before chinese new year in new home??

attempted to call the stupid developer since tuesday... all 3 phone lines were busy.

until this afternoon (since it's after 12am now, so it's yesterday afternoon) and finally my call got thru. a lady answered the phone, i told her that i need to make an appointment to get my key (for the key handover, someone from the developer has to be at my place for me to lodge a report if i see any defect on the place...) and she transferred me to the marketing dept.

another lady picked up the call and after what i told her, she told me there are appointments scheduled until chinese new year, and asked me to call back again after chinese new year to arrange the appointment.

wtf? after chinese new year? duh... that means i am paying mantenance over nothing!!! damn it!!

sorry guys... looks like our party plan in my new place has to cancel.

original voice of my singing...

back by popular demand... this is my original voice when i sang that song...

i had to sing the song very slow... so that when i doubled the speed, it would not be out of tone. (the chipmunk version, as nebo described it. )

here's the link to my original voice. so you people enjoy my singing...)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

my singing!!! available for download!

tonite i've recorded my own singing and put it up for everyone to download!

below is the conversation between us captured from xettieboard. haha!!

freddie: who wants to listen to my singing recording??
诺诺: so u mean just accept it la..dun care la..
诺诺: haha..come~! lai~
freddie: uh uh uh... lemme record one...
诺诺: No problem.. i can wait.. shower time.. today whole day i just eat 3 piece bread around 5pm after exam..
诺诺: now i feel hungry edi.. tonite cannot sleep again..last paper to go..
freddie: good luck dude.
Ch3RyL: nom, faster to study then
freddie: hmm my mic got lots of statics...
freddie: ok statics fixed
nebo: freddie wants to sing?
诺诺: haha..why not..? everyone can sing.. (airasia is everyone can fly.. )
freddie: hmm... gotta encode it to smaller size...
nebo: freddie gonna upload his little song
freddie: DONE!
freddie: damn 1.61mb
nebo: woo hoo,, me first go download
freddie: how to convert wav files without downloading any software?
nebo: you can't freddie..
nebo: mane download?
nebo: hahaha the board is fun!!! i want i want!!
Shinchan: that time u save. set low quality la
freddie: uploading
nebo: chipmucks???
freddie: everyone is stunned?
Shinchan: what is tat
freddie: song
nebo: what the hell!!!??!?!
freddie: on my blog, under "Random Song" change to song number 8.
freddie: that's the song.
nebo: freddie who sang that? hahaha cathy shouting for help~~