Monday, December 26, 2005

xmas house warming party...

i forgot to take pic of all the excessive food!!!

here are the pics.

the presents - ready for exchange

as usual, feebee is on the phone

nunu with his wiggling fingers (since no tail)

me and UE

nom, nunu, cheryl, feebee, hazel

hazel and peter


the worshippers...

the worshippers 2...

group pic

group pic

group pic

hazel luilui solo.

anyone has more pics lemme know. didn't manage to take a lot of pic.

thank you for coming and bringing all the food... and brought back all the food too. (really too much food, i think can feed at least 30 people!)

so where should we go for our next yr xmas party?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

new job

finally started my new job on 19th. first few days were boring as hell. nothing much to do especially since i didnt have a pc yet. basically peter and i (yes. we are colleage now.) went yum cha everyday. reached office at 9, and by 10 we were at mamak already. other than yum cha, reading newspaper was the other thing to do. oh yeah! playing pool also since office has an old pool table. and cue sticks without cue tips. it was the period go my life that i felt i have got too much free time.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

more 对联...

nunu: 寂寞的心夜夜叫
fred: 孤单的人暮暮觅
nunu: 相爱的人对对亲
fred: 暮须的人朝朝叹

nunu: 费兄的话,滔滔江水,连绵不决,就犹如黄河泛滥,一发不可收拾..小生佩服之极
fred: 奴弟之言,徐徐小溪,细水长流,话就像悬边泉源,一碗便可盛满..老夫敬仰之至

nunu: 费兄心思之稠密, 那犹如鬼哭神嚎的造句,再加上天衣无缝的连接,惊天地,泣鬼神. 仿如世间滚滚红尘,让人难以看透,真是十年难得一见的天才啊
fred: 奴弟言辞之烯辣, 这直似惊天动地的诗词,另陪同万中无一的锁系,哇势众,取不尽. 犹似清晨浓浓朝雾,令人防不胜防,直是万载无以寻一的神童叻

my name...


Monday, November 28, 2005

my friend's new car...

was chatting in msn with mr c just now. he has gotten his new toyota altis 1.8L on saturday.

mr c - ... says:
   bty ... i get my car liao
freddie - 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得。 says:
freddie - 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得。 says:
mr c - ... says:
   saturday morning..

then he sent me the pic of his new car...

mr c - ... says:
   and ... after night become like this
freddie - 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得。 says:
freddie - 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得。 says:
   got 4d or not?
mr c - ... says:
   this is the day after i get my car..

then he sent me anotehr pic of his new car...

apparently the car was not able to start. toyota service centre told him today that it was the car security problem...

there! that's for all of you toyota fans out there...
toyota sucks!
buy honda!

downpayment for a new car? RM20,000.
monthly installment? RM1,500.
collect the car on a saturday morning planning to drive around town? RM1,000.
having your new car breakdown only after few hours on the road? PRICELESS!!

for everything else, there's Mastercard.
(sorry clement, i couldn't resist. )

i had to change mr c's realname because so many people were asking me if that's the c they know.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


this afternoon, i went into kl town alone... i couldnt believe i spent 3 hours talking to the sales guy about a namecard scanner's function, which by the way i have no use nor plan to buy it.

it's saturday nite. and i am home alone... cooked a pack of maggi mee for dinner.

play a few rounds of "need for speed". felt even borer...

dont know why... this lonely feeling seems so familiar...

reminded me of living in US... all by myself. with nobody and nothing except my pc...

and today, still... my pc, my most loyal friend.

that's pretty pathetic, aint it?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

yay i am on broadband finally.

like the topic says... finally!!

windows 2003 server, standard or small business edition?

needed to recommend to the client on which edition of win2k3 server to go for...

so i pulled out microsoft website and found the msia office number.

"good afternoon, microsoft malaysia. how may i help you?"

i almost wanna answer, "no, my name is freddie, not microsoft malaysia." but i didn't do that.

"hello? yes. i am wonder if you can patch me to someone who does pre-sales support? i need to confirm on some features in different editions of windows 2003 server." i answered.

"yes sir, can you please call this number for pre-sales support? it is 1800 88 6295."

"thank you very much..."

-- click -- i hung up.

that's the end of part 1... i guess microsoft has sub out the support job to some local companies...

so i called the pre-sales hotline again...

"good afternoon sir, my name is marissa koya. how may i help you?"

"uh... yes, i would like to know the differences between win2k3 standard edition and small business edition."

-- brief pause --

"uh, sir. can i get your contact details please?" she said.

wtf? nevermind... so i gave her my contact details...

she said, "can you please wait for a few minutes while i ask someone who knows the answer to your question..."

"uh... ok" what other choices do i have?

-= approximately 5 minutes has passed =-

"sir, thank you for holding. i afraid we could not answer that question. i am going to send you an email, could you please fill it up, together with your questions and send back to us?" the pretty voice said.

OMFG... you call that pre-sales support? these whole group of people should be fired... i bet microsoft didn't know that.

so that's the end of my pre-sales experience with microsoft hotline. i could have call csa and get better response too.

i bet the pre-sales people were trying to look at microsoft website too to find out the differences. idiots... if it were there, i wouldn't have to ask.

anyway, wauhaha has told me the differences. thanks.

microsoft should have come out with a comparison list.


yup... it has became screamyx...

last nite waited for the streamyx contractor to show up... i called him at 7:30pm to confirm our 8pm appointment. then he realized he has an appointment and changed to 8:30pm instead.

so i decided to cook... my fav chicky rice... while waiting for the guy to show up.

he showed up at 8:45pm. took 20 seconds look at my modem blinky blinky led lights, then he said "the jumper has not been set."

i was like... "huh? wtf? tm said it has been set..."

"well, apparently it said so on my report as well, but i am pretty sure they didn't set it, or didn't set it right...." never trust telekom, even the contractor themselves didn't trust tm.

"nevermind, i will do it for you tomorrow morning at the exchange."

finally, someone willing to help... i hope i can be on streamyx tonite.