Monday, November 29, 2004

yay! it's pay day already!!

finally, finished up my freelance on setting the servers and network. got paid just now.

the dude paid me more than i asked for, i think that's the tippings. (i give good advises and services.) if only i can get this kinda job more often, then i can quite my real job and be gone with taking bullshits from my boss.

must save the money... then can buy furnitures for new place next year. i am about 15k short.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

tired day...

went to bed around 5:45am and woke up at 11am.

walk around the place, did some laundry and then went for lunch then go gym again.

some of you may wonder, what the hell is freddie doing? everyday also go to gym?

yeah. i got nothing better to do. gf went back to hometown, so i am all alone for more than a week already. instead of rotten at home, must as well utilize the gym fees i paid. plus, you can go to gym by yourself without having anyone to accompany you.

straight ahead to low yat plaza after gym. bought a few stuffs for my clients. i think i will charge him more on labor since lowyat's parking is freaking expensive. (and the time i stucked in jam too)

also bought a dvd drive, a few piece of dvd movies and "leisure suit larry"! :D

by the time i came back around 8pm, drop dead tired already. don't feel like installing my dvd drive or play games. i guess i'll just watch my dvd and then fall asleep on the couch again.

nite nite people. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

my oracle of the day

get yours at xetronic labs

something wrong on blogspot again...

for some reasons, only my sidebar appears. all my blogs are gone. :(

once again i missed gym...

once again, i didn't go to gym today. was thinking of going there around 3pm. instead i dozed off on the couch and woke up at 5:30pm.

it's saturday, gym closes at 7pm, so i guess no point for me to rush over.

gym and freelance

managed to push my freelance appointment to 10:30pm so i could go to gym.

today the gym wasn't as crowded as normal weekday. perhaps most ppl went to party after work instead of working out in gym.

finished gym around 9:15pm and took a shower. got to my client's place around 10:25pm. did the last part of files transfer and setting up the webserver. by the time everything was done, it was already 12:15am.

then i realized i hadn't had my dinner. came home and went to the mamak outside my place. had nasi lemak and teh ais... all by myself. i wish there's someone who could accompany me for my dinner.

Friday, November 26, 2004

bravo to maybank2u fucking RM12 annual fees...

let's us applaud for may-fucking-bank for the biggest ripper of the year.

i am an i-account holder (internet based, no passbook.) and i also don't have an atm card(no point, not using it anyway, plus i dont wanna get charged for over the 4 times/month atm usage) and have been using maybank2u all the while to do online transfer of funds only.

what a big fucking crap... if you prefer not to pay the fees, then you cannot use maybank2u, you don't have an atm card and they won't fucking entertain you at the counter...

RM12/yr my ass. i am sticking with BCB and RHB.

happy thanksgiving to everyone.

it's thanksgiving. i guess nobody celebrates that here in malaysia.

anyway, i am thankful that i am still alive, so i can bitch at more stuffs.

how much do you worth? (hacked)

i think i am way too bored... was trying to find every possible way to get to the most expensive human being on earth.

but the highest possible value i could get is $4,713,906.62. there's no way to get to $4,892,410.42 as the most expensive human there.

i've also found out that asian worth less than white.

anyway, i've decided to feed in the false value to the site and this is what i get... too bad it doesn't update the "most expensive human" automatically.

how much do you worth?

another one from aquanic. not too bad, i am worth some money...

I'm worth $2,057,609.93! How much are you worth?

what flavor pocky are you?

this too was getting from aquanic's blog.

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

what ro characters should you be?

saw the link from aquanic's blog. got nbtd, so i took the quiz... here's the result:

What Ragnarok Character Should You Be?
Quiz by Angelhalo

sore muscles

funny how our body works... i went to the gym for 4 consecutive days and the sore was bearable.

i skipped gym yesterday for a job, and all of a sudden muscles soreness all came back. it's like they had a plan, all 4 days of soreness came back at once...

i even have trouble raising my hands now. driving to work this morning was challenging...

another freelance day...

a customer called me and made an appointment with me to setup his network.

was initially set at 7:30pm. so there goes my gym plan tonite. so i left the company at 7pm, reached there around 7:20pm and gave him a call. he told me he's having dinner and asked me to grab a bite first... ok fine. kfc is just around the corner.

after i finished my dinner, around 8pm i gave him another call. he told me he's still having dinner. duh...

i went to my car and grabbed my book (历代宰相轶事) and finished it all... i even had time to compare the overlapping of different dynasties... finally he called me at 9:15pm.

darn... i could have went to gym and came out already. what can i do? customer is always right...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

棟篤神探 words of wisdom

translation: all the bosses are useless.

translation: if not, there wouldn't be any employee, as an employee...

translation: his job is to help the bosses to do what they didn't know or how to do.

translation: you get your salary, half of it is for the work you've done.

translation: the other half is for you to take his bullshit.

need for speed underground 2

only managed to capture all the frames after 3 seconds. i was in shock!!! my car shot up 50 feet when it was on a slope rear-ended another car...

my car can fly!! just the landing part need some works.

screen shots: