Friday, December 31, 2004


had to wake up early this morning eventhough i took leave.

i needed to go to the banks and also pay the apt's maintenance.

first thing, went to the apartment office and pay the maintenance fees and parking rental. coughed up RM535 for it.

then i went to bcb to withdraw some money to put them into maybank so that my cheque to the maintenance office could clear. but damn stupid maybank's cash deposit machine is out of service again.

so i went to rhb next door to get my new credit cards replaced. (old one expired on nov 2004) and also went to alliance bank to replace my old ikea friends credit card (not expiring but just a chip-based new card)

then went back to may-farking-bank again to deposit the cash. and finally it worked. (as you can see, i don't like maybank...)

after all the banking things, i decided to service my old wira. changes a few things on it... oil change, air filter change, a set of spark plugs, a pair rear brake-pumps, a pair of front-brake pads, skinned the front brake disc and rotated the font and rear tyres. everything costed me RM305...

hopefully my car will be worry-free from now.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


i went for 2 interview today! first interview with g-smart @ ss2 at 11am and second with jobstreet @ cyberjaya on 2pm.

going to g-smart is easy since it's in menara merais. but jobstreet in cyberjaya is a bit of trouble.

woke up in the morning around 9:30am, went online to find jobstreet's address in cyberjaya... but but but... i couldn't find it!! the cyberjaya office's address was not published on the website!

jobstreet sent me an interview invitation with a mini map via email on wednesday. but i downloaded that email onto my office pc. so i don't have another copy. :x

running out of choice, i decided to msn my colleague in the office (my only staff who wasn't on leave that day), asked her to turn on my pc and forward the email to me.

got the email few minutes later and it was already 10:35am. off i zoomed out the door and rush to ss2 driving like a mad man.

i reached menara merais at around 10:55am and lucky enough to find a parking on the street. the rest are history... as usual... fill in the forms and stuffs...

both hr and technical interviewed me at the same time. the whole session of interview went pretty well. i actually look forward to work there... because it's closer to kl, plus i get more holidays in a year working in selangor rather than kl.

1st interview finished around 12:45pm. (yeah, talked a lot...) and i went to grab my first meal of the day (was damn hungry) at the mamak next to the building. had to eat fast because the traffic is quite unpredictable in LDP during lunch time. finished my meal 20 minutes later and there i went, rushing to cyberjaya around 1:05pm.

surprisingly, traffic was pretty smooth. i guessed everybody took leaves at stayed at home or something.

reached cyberjaya outside of jobstreet's office around 1:30pm. (man i was driving fast too!) i decided not to show up too early, (yeah, interviewers hate that! plus it's lunch time for them too.) so i went to the cyberjaya "food court" to take a pee.

that food court is PATHETIC! with less than 5 stalls and only 20 people... the price is still reasonable i guess since it's cheaper than most shopping complex's price.

after my "leak", i went back to the car and drove to jobstreet. i decided to park my car outside on the road since the freaking parking fees is about RM2.20/hour. (and lots of cars parked outside as well. )

like most of the tech companies, a lady handed me a copy of test sheets containing databases, web server, asp, logics and general iq stuffs.

for all those technical stuffs, no problem... they were quite easy. but when it comes to the technical defination... i was stunned.

as most of you may have known, i was actually a math grad. hence like what william hung said, "i have no profession training..."

the interview went pretty well also. that guy actually asked me tons of questions and surprised that i could answer all of them considered that i had not have profession training.

but the interview has dragged on for too long, i kinda wish i could get out there before 4:30pm to avoid the jam in ldp... ended up i came out at 5:10pm and it was raining...

with my car parked outside on the roadside, i've gotten myself wet while running to get my car.

overall, i am quite confident with the 2 interviews today. now the only question is the package they are offering... i guess i'll know by next week.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

world peace... my ass!

it's that time again. the time which everyone wishes for something for the new year.

i've seen a lot of brainless people just said, "i wish for world peace... blah blah blah." especially on the tv...

come on people, get real. world peace is never gonna happen...

imagine one day when there is no war, no crime, no pleasant activities... then we no longer need our army, police, security guards... how many people will be jobless? not to mention the law enforcement jobs take up at least 3% of the world population...

and then for those who worked in weapons related field... and those people who product security cameras... and...

so i guess there will be at least 10% of the world population affected by "world peace".

with 10% of the people in the world becoming jobless, and some of them with military experiences... now ask yourself. DO YOU THINK THE WORLD WILL BE PEACEFUL?

Monday, December 27, 2004

karaoke in redbox wisma MPL (HLA)

went to redbox for karaoke session with gf's family during lunch hour yesterday. although it was 26th, but they still have that stupid pricely x'mas special menu.

throughout the whole session, it was ok. gf's dad was enjoying himself singing the old hokkien oldies, gf's little sis also enjoyed singing all the latest hits... while i just sat there and munch on my lunch.

later the waiter came in and told us about the new parking rate. i was like... WTF!

since it changed from HLA to MPL, the parking rate has changed as well. and redbox could not longer gave us free parking with the chop. the new rate is RM3.50 per freaking hour!! #$%#$^#$^#$%^$%&^#$%@ i can't believe they dare to charge 3.50/hr on a sunday!!

we had 3 cars... and each was rm12.60. (yeah, how the f did that extra 10 cents come around?) so altogether it costed us 37.80 for parking!!!

oh well... i guess that will be the last time i go there. and redbox in the curve is freaking hard to book. guess it's still new...

Sunday, December 26, 2004

wifing at mont'kiara starbucks.

went out with chong kiat who came from johor at 11pm, and head to our fav 24 hrs lepak place - mont'kiara starbucks. we love that place because it has free wifi access and it's 24hrs! and i always have my very own 7 metres extension and power plugs in my car.

but frankly, i don't have much to do since i have broadband at home. :) however, the poor guy... who's staying in batu pahat with no broadband in his new house, using fibre optics line, has no luck getting any broadband.

we chatted about lots of things. but mostly were work related and technical stuffs. we also went online window shopping for the latest gadgets and laptops.

we did this until 3:30am... then we went home...

Saturday, December 25, 2004

new hair cut!

woke up at 11am this morning. then ate the bak kut teh which was prepared by gf's mom... it was not bad but too much water was added.

after our meal, they wanted to go shopping... but i wanted to go to gym. so i head to the gym alone...

when i reached the curve, all of a sudden i felt like giving myself a new hair cut... so i went to QB house (that cheap 12 bucks 10 min cut shop) at ikano. surprisingly nobody was queuing.

i told the stylist, i wanted to shave my head. but just the side and the back. shave them up high, and leave the middle short. i guess she kinda got that i meant and asked me, "spike hair?"

yeah! exactly! i am the 30 yrs old uncle with spike hair! go for it!

so now i am a 30 yrs old with 2 ear holes (the rings were taken out earlier this year since my grandpa's funeral). perhaps i should color my hair too? now i gotta find back my earrings...

after the cut, i quickly went into the gym and took a shower. i guess that's one of the adventages of having able to shower in the shopping mall.

x'mas eve...

gf was rushing back to kl from her hometown to celebrate xmas with me on the eve. :)

but she didn't tell me she actually came back with her 2 sisters, brother-in-law, mom and dad. and they are going to do steamboat at home.

when dinner was ready, it was kinda late (9pm) and i was sleepy + hungry. frankly, i don't like to have steamboat at home because it's freaking HOT!!

anyway, after dinner, we (everyone except her parents) left home for some night actions. because they were pretty tired already driving all the way from kedah to here, we decided to go to some place nearer. we went to tgif at the curve for our alcohol fixes.

i ordered a mud slide and it tasted like chocolate milkshake + lots of kahlua and bailey. not bad, i kinda like it. (tasted more like a dessert)

gf ordered long island ice tea, the little sis (under age!!) ordered magarita, the elder sis ordered something tasted like pina colada and the bro-in-law ordered something like cherry flavored "cough syrup"!! (all of them are ultimate size, ie 2x regular size)

at slightly after 12am, i gave wauhaha a call but that bugger never picked up the phone. so i called casa up and told him i'll try to stop by after 1am.

it was a fun night and because of my drink tasted so nice to them, i actually exchanged with them, in the end i drank more than i supposed to... in the end i think i drank at least 3 big glasses of alcohol within an hour.

the earth started to shake (for me) and i was started to sweat. (it was cold, or at least i felt cold... but...)

we walked around and i started to act funny... in the end i actually had to sit on the stairs to avoid the uneasy feeling. i gave casa another call again telling him that i wouldn't be able to make it. (i dun think i can drive... but i think i still can stuffs in more alcohol though... )

few minutes (or maybe longer than that, i am not sure...) i found out i was in the car going home already. i wasn't quite sure what happened and what was going on...

at the end, we were back home and i went into straight away and fell asleep like a . that's what happened to people who didn't have enough sleep and still wanted to steal everybody's drinks.

Friday, December 24, 2004

little adventurous moment in ikano / the curve. part 2 of 2

as soon as i came out from ikano, i was walking toward the curve. i saw the gate at the curve wasn't closed, so i went across the road and tried to go inside.

but another guard stopped me. he said he can't let me walk into the mall. wtf? he told me they were ordered not to let anyone go into the mall past 10pm. crap... now what? how was i suppose to get back to my car?

he told me to walk all the way to the parking lot entry to get into the parking lot. i was like... WTF?? it's very far!!! i don't mind walking that far if i haven't done rpm today. my legs were tired and my feet were having muscle ache.

crap... without any choice i picked to walk to the left... (right or left, same distance... either side has an entry to parking lot) how lucky was i... half way i saw a few construction uncles sitting on the roadside talking a break. without any hesitation, i went up and asked them what's the quickest way to get into the parking lot.

being the contruction workers they are, they knew every single bit and pieces of the mall. they showed me the shortcut, by going through the loading zone, get into a side door and make a left turn. i ended up in a small garden and yay! i saw an escalator going down to the parking lot. thank you uncles!!

after walking down the escalator, i had to walk about 100 metres to get my car. but it was sure better than walking 400 metres to the parking lot entry, then another 400 metres from the entry to my car.

finally i reached my car and headed back home. thanks to all the uncles who'd shown me the directions! thank you uncles!!

if not, i probably wouldn't be here typing this... rather sleeping somewhere in ikano or the street outside of the curve.

conclusion? always ask for direction, and be good to all the uncles! you never know when you need their helps.

little adventurous moment in ikano / the curve. part 1 of 2

after my sms session at starbucks, it's time for me to go home. just before i came back, i went to relieve myself in the toilet in ikano.

all the stores are closed. nobody is around except the guards who patrolled around.

after the excessive water was removed from my body, i tried to go out from ikano to the curve, where i parked my car.

without any luck, all the doors were locked!!! i was trapped into ikano!!! so i went to the basement tried to use the underground walkway to the curve, but it was closed as well!!! OH !!!!

i walked back to ground floor and asked one of the guard. he asked me to go back to the basement and exit from the carpark.

so i went to the carpark, and another guard came to me and asked me if i need any help. (yeah right, of course i do. i was sweating like i just came out from shower running around ikano.) after he heard what i needed, he told me there was a pub on the ground floor and i could exit thru it. i told him it was locked as well but he insisted i could go out. so he leaded me up to ground floor again... and banged on the door. too bad it really was locked...

finally another uncle guard came to us and leaded me out from ikano. he brought me down to the basement again, went to the stairway at post office, then go up to ground level. there i went... and i was FREE at last!! i came out from a door outside just next to alliance bank. thank you uncle guard!!

keeping in touch...

after my joyful dining moment at fasta pasta, knowing that i will be alone at home if i go back, i decided to "lepak" at starbucks which is just opposite of the restaurant.

i order an iced mocha and sat outside enjoyed the breeze. all of a suddent i felt like i should send a few smses out for the old friends who i haven't been keeping them in touch.

i typed out a christmas/new year greeting and then started to scan through my phonebook looking for the recipients.

i selected lee wei, who was my best irc bud since 1993 until she left university at 1997. she was quite surprised to get my sms, and she was starting to guess who am i. a few smses back and forth and she still hadn't figured who am i. finally i left her the best clue... then it stopped. perhaps she went to bed...

i also sent one to tzy ting, who was like my very own sister. we used to sat next to each other during highschool. same as before, she couldn't figured out who am i. a few clues were given and finally she guessed correctly.

and i also sent to rose and francis... who didn't reply. perhaps they were busy...

anyway, it felt good by just knowing them are still living well. i guess that's why true friends are, they don't talk to you everyday but they still care about you.

so don't hesitate, send out a few smses and wish them well.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

happy people...

went to gym... after sweating like a pig i went for a quick bite at my fav italian joint fasta pasta at ikano.

there was a huge table of people (at least 16 ppl). i guess their boss was treating them dinner. saw a birthday cake as well... perhaps it's a pre-xmas/birthday dinner for one of the employees.

they looked so happy... why didn't i work for a company like that? they exchanged gifts and made funny comments on the gifts they've received... it was quite enjoyable/entertaining just to look at them. a girl even received a set of bedsheet as present! some received funny gifts like mashimaro tisu box cover, tiny chinese tea pot, garfield bag and so on...

the boss also handed out TGV movie vouchers. and i recognized them just by looking at the design/colors of it. because we used to get those from TGV... but nowsaday no more free movie passes because we've lost the TGV account... (well, that's another long corporate politics story...)

eventhough i was dining alone but i could feel the joy... not bad. i guess when we really observe the things around us, we may find many things that are interesting.

more craps...

more craps from my ex-colleague...